The 10-Day Turnaround

Your 1st Step To Doubling Your NET Income While Taking An EXTRA Day Off Each Week

Who Else Wants To Discover How Much You Can Improve Your Life And Wealth In 12 Minutes A Day For Just 10 Days?

Hello! This is Jeff Smith and welcome to The 10-Day Turnaround - the proprietary system based on what has already worked for more than 1,340 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and “just plain Joe’s” that I have personally coached during the past nine years.  It is laser-focused on helping you get maximum results in minimum time.

It normally will have a $300 tuition but Joshua and Tony have arranged for you to receive a…

Special 1-time only scholarship so you can participate in the “10-Day Turnaround” absolutely FREE if you enroll today.

You MUST enter your name and email address in the box to the right in order to claim your scholarship and activate your membership in The 10-Day Turnaround so go ahead and do that right now.

When you enter your name and email in the box on the upper right of this page, you will be joining The 10-Day Turnaround community and gaining access to the entire 10-Day Turnaround System at no cost to you.

During your 10-Day Turnaround, I will be helping you and your fellow members of the Community to conduct your own “Lifestyle Creation Experiments” designed to…

  • Turn the recession into your largest opportunity to build wealth in the past 17 years
  • Develop powerful, new marketing strategies that multiply your profits without requiring much money to implement
  • Banish boredom, increase your energy and revive your zest for life
  • Make rapid change in your life or business WITHOUT the usual feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Give yourself a fresh new start in your business and personal life
  • Transform your personal (and business) relationships into ones you are proud to have
  • Put more LIVING in your life

And I will be there to serve as your personal coach and guide you every step of the way for each of the 10 days.

I have designed The 10-Day Turnaround to be…

  • Simple - each day I will give you just ONE quick lesson; no fluff, no filler, just direct, actionable strategies to get new results now
  • Fast - you can get the essence of the lesson in just a couple minutes… and most of the daily strategies take only 10-15 minutes to put into action
  • Fun - you’ll be joining a cool, fun, diverse community of fellow “TurnArounders” who will make the 10 days a blast and give you a great sounding board to bounce ideas off of, share successes (and frustrations) with and build new relationships that can last a lifetime
  • Effective -The 10-Day Turnaround is a proven system based on what has worked for the over 1,340 CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world that have been members of our private, invitation-only 2X+1 Mastermind over the past 10 years.

Be watching your email In-Box for links to each day’s private lesson that ONLY you and your fellow members of The 10-Day Turnaround Community will have access to.

  • Remember, you MUST be enrolled in order to receive each day’s lessons for The 10-Day Turnaround and the only way to enroll and activate your membership is by entering your name and email in the box in the upper right of this page so if you haven’t done that yet, go ahead and take care of that right now.

And if you have already enrolled in The 10-Day Turnaround Community, get ready to have a great time conducting our “Lifestyle Creation Experiments” and implementing the entire 10-Day Turnaround System to give your business, your wealth and your personal lifestyle a fresh, new start.

I look forward to helping you every step of the way.


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