The 10-Day Turnaround

Your 1st Step To Doubling Your NET Income While Taking An EXTRA Day Off Each Week
Who Is Jeff Smith?

Jeff Smith is the founder of The 2X+1 Mastermind, the private, by invitation-only inner circle of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Over the course of the past 9 years of leading The 2X+1 Mastermind, Jeff has focused on creating LIFESTYLES, not just incomes, both in his own life, and for the members of The 2X+1 Mastermind, as well as the participants in his StressFree Success and LifeDesign courses.

Recently he shared parts of this philosophy and his 2X+1 Strategies as a featured speaker at Eben Pagan’s Altitude event, as well as Joe Polish’s elite 25K Mastermind group.

His philosophy revolves around the idea that how much money we make doesn’t define how “successful” we are.  What really counts is how much LIVING we put into - and get out of - life.

In The 10-Day Turnaround he will be helping you with…

  • Creating EXPERIENCES in our lives, not just buying things.
  • Living life as a playground to have fun on, not a battle to be won.
  • Experimenting daily and knowing that every experiment in life helps us learn, no matter how it turns out.
  • Giving ourselves permission to be kids again, because it is when we had the mind of a child that we learned the most- and recapturing the excitement of those days is what allows us to grow the most - as adults.
  • Taking full responsibility for our own actions and their results, taking delight in the joy of a tough job well done, not looking for a “free lunch” that gives us something we did not really earn.
  • Consciously creating our own Ideal Lifestyle, not allowing others to dictate to us what we should or should not do, want, or be- no matter how different our own “ideal” is from the way we’ve lived in the past - or the way others try to convince us we “should” live now.
  • And of course, growing our True Wealth level dramatically in the simplest, lowest-stress manner possible

Those are what transforms a life from “just getting by” to “living 100 lifetimes in one.”

And those are the seeds of TRUE Wealth - wealth that cannot be measured in dollars and cents - and wealth that is MULTIPLIED when shared.

In the 10-Day Turnaround, this is the kind of lifestyle Jeff will be helping you create.

For more on Jeff’s business background, click here:

A short personal note from Jeff:

In our 10-Day Turnaround, I’ll be sharing with you some of my own experiences along the way, what worked- and what didn’t- lessons learned, and strategies tested- both for myself and the other members of the 2X+1 Mastermind.

I’m here not as a “guru” (I hate that term), nor even as a “leader”.  I am here as a fellow traveler, cruising along the road right with you, all of us consciously creating our own versions of “A Life Well Lived”.

And having a blast sharing them with each other along the way.  So without further adieu, let’s put the sense of adventure back in our life and get started on our 10-Day Turnaround right now.

All My Best For A Fun-Filled Journey,


a.k.a. “A Fellow Human On The Road Right Along With You”

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