The 10-Day Turnaround

Your 1st Step To Doubling Your NET Income While Taking An EXTRA Day Off Each Week
Einstein’s Secret

I want to give you two important insights that can have a profound effect on the speed and quality of results you get.  The first is called:

The Q:A Quality Ratio

The Q:A Quality Ratio stands for the “Question To Answer Quality Ratio”. It’s really just a fancy name for this simple concept:

“The quality of your answers is in direct proportion to the quality of your questions.”

One of the areas that prevents many of us from achieving the results we are capable of is that we obsess about getting better answers - but spend almost no time on asking better questions.

The quality of our answers is dependent upon the quality of our questions.  The more accurate and more specific our questions are, the more profitable and mor beneficial the answers we get will be.

If we ask a generic question like, “How do I make more money?”, then we should expect a generic - and not only totally lame, but completely useless - answer like, “Get more clients”, or “Run more ads”, or “Convert more prospects.”

Compare that with a well-researched and well-though-out question like, “I’ve been testing new headlines on my sales letter.  The current headline pulls 3.2% and gives me $3.20 in profit for every $1 I spend in marketing.  Here is the headline: [your headline here].  What specific changes can I test next to improve this headline further?”

You can easily imagine how much more specific and valuable the answer to that question will be.

This leads us to your 1st 10-Day Turnaround Insight:

Forget about answers and focus on questions.

In other words- if you want to solve your problems and create a new growth path in your life and business, one of the 1st steps is to quit obsessing about the result you want, and instead focus on improving the quality of the questions you are asking yourself and others.

Use the Q:A Quality Ratio and relax, knowing that as your questions become more accurate, your answers will naturally also become more valuable - and easier to implement.

And that brings us to the 2nd important insight to understand prior to starting your 10-Day Turnaround.

This is what I call…

Einstein’s Secret

I’ve been told that Einstein once said,

“If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I’d spend 55 minutes determining the right question to ask. Once I got the right question, I could easily answer it in 5 minutes.”

Isn’t that interesting- to solve a life-threatening problem, Einstein, the man often called one of the greatest geniuses who has ever lived, says he would spend more than 90% of his time on determining the right question to ask.

That means Einstein’s Q:A Ratio was 11:1.  In other words, in an average 40 hour work week, he would have invested almost 37 hours determining the right questions - and still would have been peacefully confident he could answer them in the remaining 3 hours.

Now compare that to how you go about trying to solve the problems in your own life or business.

What percent of your time do you spend on looking for answers vs. determining the proper question?

For most of us, our Q:A Ratio is exactly the OPPOSITE of Einstein’s.

He spent 92% of his time determining the proper question and was relaxed and confident that he could then easily answer the question in the remaining 8% of his time.

Almost everyone else spends 92% of their time obsessing about answers (or their lack thereof) - and less than 8% of their time improving their questions.

Action Item For You:

During your own 10-Day Turnaround, adopt Einstein’s Secret and switch your own Q:A Ratio so you are investing 92% of your time determining better questions to ask yourself vs. obsessing about getting the answer to a question that may not be the one that really matters the most.


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