The 10-Day Turnaround

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Succeed More By IGNORING Your To Do List

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As we prepare to get rolling with your 10-Day Turnaround, there’s a really important point I’d like you to take a couple minutes to consider.

Often, we get so distracted by chasing the almighty dollar (or, more recently, the not so mighty dollar) that we totally forget about WHY we want to make more money in the 1st place.

If we are honest with ourselves, it isn’t the money that we want- it’s the LIFE and the lifestyle that is really what we are after and that is most important to us.

This is extremely important to remember as we start The 10-Day Turnaround because one of the dangers in the Turnaround- and in our lives- is that we spend all our time chasing after something that isn’t what we REALLY want (money) and have no time (or energy) left to enjoy the true wealth in our lives, the simple everyday experiences that are the thing we will look back fondly on a decade or two from now, when we’ve completely forgotten whether we executed some goofy marketing campaign today or not.

Ironically, shifting our focus away from money and toward what we truly value the most actually creates more True Wealth in our lives than anything else we can do.

To me, how ‘wealthy’ we are has nothing to do with how much money we make or don’t make.

  • Ask a billionaire dying from cancer how “wealthy” he feels and he’ll tell you in a second, his health would have been thousands of time more ‘wealth’ to him than all those dollars in his bank account.
  • Ask a retired CEO with $300 million in net worth how ‘wealthy’ he feels when his kids don’t want to talk to him, his wife has left him, he has no true friends, and is sitting all alone in his study and he’ll tell you in a second a genuine, loving relationship with his family and deep, respectful friendships with a few close friends would have created a ‘wealthier’ lifestyle than all the toys his $300 million can buy him.
  • Ask YOURSELF which is more important - your family or your money?  Your health or your money?  Your time and freedom or your money?

How to allow this shift toward True Wealth to be sure you are on the right track:

First, remember…

TRUE Wealth is that which multiplies when shared.

If we keep that simple, yet profound, definition of wealth in the forefront of our minds during The 10-Day Turnaround, it will play an important part in creating the results you are REALLY looking for- the quality of life and peace of mind that really define how wealthy we truly are.

Keep this simple reminder of the meaning of TRUE Wealth in mind and give yourself permission - at least during 10 days of our Turnaround - to actually do those things that REALLY create the most wealth in your life.

This song by Toby Keith sums up nicely what The 10-Day Turnaround- and TRUE Wealth- are all about… (grab a copy of it on your favorite music software or buy the CD and play it during our 10-Day Turnaround to keep these ideas fresh in your mind)

“My List”

Sung by Toby Keith

Under an old brass paperweight is my list of things to do today
Go to the bank and the hardware store, put a new lock on the cellar door

I cross ‘em off as I get ‘em done but when the sun is set
There’s still more than a few things left I haven’t got to yet

Go for a walk, say a little prayer
Take a deep breath of mountain air

Put on my glove and play some catch
It’s time that I make time for that

Wade the shore and cast a line
Pick up a long lost friend of mine
Sit on the porch and give my girl a kiss
Start livin’, that’s the next thing on my list

Wouldn’t change the course of fate but cuttin’ the grass just had to wait

‘Cause I’ve got more important things
like pushin’ my kid on the backyard swing
I won’t break my back for a million bucks I can’t take to my grave

So why put off for tomorrow what I could get done today

Like go for a walk, say a little prayer
Take a deep breath of mountain air
Put on my glove and play some catch
It’s time that I make time for that

Raise a little hell, laugh ’til it hurts
Put an extra five in the plate at church
Call up my folks just to chat

It’s time that I make time for that
Stay up late, then oversleep
Show her what she means to me
Catch up on all the things I’ve always missed

Just start livin’, that’s the next thing on my list

Under an old brass paperweight
Is my list of things to do today

For just 10 days, what if YOU put your list of thing to do under that old brass paperweight… and just started livin’, really LIVING?

What’s the worst that could happen if you experimented with living like this for 10 days?  What’s the best that could happen?  What’s one thing this song reminded you of that you could do in the next day or two to “just start living”?

Share your thoughts and insights below…

p.s.:  In case you missed it, another great insight related to this post is here:  The Dollar

43 Responses to “Succeed More By IGNORING Your To Do List”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I just LOVE that song btw…and the worst thing would be if I missed an appointment. However, the best thing would be the role modeling that my kids would pick up on…ages 14 and 12. They need to see that money, or approval, or social pressures are not worth attaining if you lose your sense of what really is important. This song has reminded me in the past to just stop with the housework and pack up a snack and some activities and a camera, then round up the kids and head to the beach out back for some great times making memories together. I think that in the next day or two that I will be inviting the kids into the kitchen, one at a time, to do some baking with me. Summer is turning into fall in a couple of days and any baking has become almost obsolete due to summer heat.

  2. Thomas C. Roquemore Says:

    I love country music. There are a lot of them, like this Toby Keith song that are about living life the way it should be lived. (No, not all country songs are about crying in your beer cause your woman or man left you and crashed your pick-up truck into your mama’s house). Most of them are quite good and offer usable insights. I hope that doesn’t sound like a promo for the country music awards? I like classic rock too. Thanks for the insights.

  3. Karen Says:

    I find that when i take time out from my work, it piles up. However when I come back to work I get things done more quickly as I am more focused and know I have less time to do it in, so in effect the time spent is more productive.

  4. May Perumal Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    The song The List is really lovely and should be put into practice by everyone. I really love it and I am sure it will change my life. Thanks and God bless.

  5. Lars Henriksson Says:

    I’m using a concept called “Black Belt in Everyday Life Efficiency”. I’ve already thrown away my To Do List.
    Instead I use a couple of “buckets” to drop things in so I don’t forget about them, but I always decide each day what’s the most important for me to do that day. I don’t follow a to do list without thinking.
    The absolute strength with this system is that I don’t forget anything. There are things lying in my buckets sometimes for a very long time. The reason for this is that I choose not to do them, It’s not about me forgetting to do them. That’s a big difference and also a big relief for my. I’ve quitted forgetting things. That reliefs a lot of stress from my shoulders.

  6. Tim Millar Says:

    Thats a lovely scenario if it was truly possible, The world demands money from us thus making us chase the dollar. You can believe that once I secure the dollar (real soon) I will be with the ones I love and I dont mean the ones that have gone on before me! Thank you for these eye opening posts that I am eagerly awaiting every morning. Oh yeah, I told you I had
    8 sign-ups last night, well ,before I went to bed (4 am) I was up to 12 and look forward to many more today. Thanks Jeff, I am on my way!

  7. Donna Says:

    One thing that came to mind was to call a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile. Time goes by so quickly when we’re busy just doing things.

    It’s funny, just before sitting down at the computer today and reading this, I had created my list of things to get done today…this is going to be an interesting 10 days!

  8. Gordon Says:

    “The List ” is wonderful..I would suggest that you and the author of this song( you for having recognized it)( and the author for having writen it) are among the new race of MAN walking the face of the planet who are even now as a result of new, novel,different, and simple thinking are transforming the planet, thought by thought, into ” Peace on earth as it is in heaven” Thanks! I Will try to get theCd.

  9. Jose Damaso Says:

    Everything matters:
    Family is important. Friends too. However we need money to buy the things that help for us to have good food, decent shelter, a brand new car to go shopping, to take the kids to the amusement park or to buy the toys they enjoy, to pay for the best school money can buy,.
    Everything matters: Health is very important to share with family and friends.
    Being healthy is very important, sharing with family and friends is important, traveling, enjoying the good things of life is important and having money is very important for us to pay the commodities needed for a healthy, prosperous life style.
    Jose Damaso Ramon

  10. A H Coplin Says:

    This is a very good subject: Everything matters in LIFE, it’s what you do with it that is so important. Money is also important, because if you do not have any, you certain will not get very far without itthis World. Where ever you go you need money to use, and if you do not have money where would you go or what do you do.

    As for as the CD, I have never heard of it, however; I will try to fine it because, it does have a lot of good meanings in it.

    Neat Coplin

  11. Charles Conti Says:

    As T.Harv Eker said “Money is good for all the things it can help you with and Not for all the things it cant.Robert G.Allen advised Enlightened Welth is the key to help the world have all the things it needs.The American Cancer Foundation etc,that type of enlighentened Welth.Spending and enjoying time with your family and friends is the best part of a truly good lifestyle!

  12. Susan Says:

    I am a big country music fan and have heard this song many times. Every time I hear it I think of course Toby can do this he is worth millions already, he can take the time to do these things with his family and friends.
    What about us plain folks, that still have to work our fingers to the bone?
    I will give it my best try, but I do still have to work my 40+ hours a week during this exercise to keep a roof over my head and food on my table.

  13. Ken Eschman Says:

    A dying man will never say “I wish I would have spent one more day at the office!”
    I think we chase the buck to get that Freedom we all want but by the time we get
    there everything we love is gone.

    If you have ever been sick in the Hospital you know you can do nothing without your health.
    Health, Family, Wealth in that order … and not always on a “To do List” !

  14. A H Coplin Says:

    Day by Day I always have things to do, however; I do not make a list because it always stay in my head. The List is a reminder that I always have things to do, and Money is always something that I know that will help keep my Family in with their health and their needs and wants.

  15. Dana Moore Says:

    hi all. wow, that was a powerful post. im kinda’ in the same boat that Susan is: working a full 40, trying to keep a roof over my head. PLUS trying to stave off bankruptcy. PLUS taking care of my 87 year old father, who has both dementia, and can’t hardly walk. trying to get him on the list to go into the state Veteran’s Home. i agree, these next 10 days are REALLY gonna’ be interesting for all of us. but im ready to go to the next level! we should all learn to love people and use things, and not the other way around.

  16. helen Says:

    These next 10 days were going to be the ones that I was going to catch up with my paperwork in order to take it to the accountant to file my tax returns that were extended until 10/13. Worst that could happen, loose a lot of cash because I do not file on time, best that could happen I can reconnect with all the people that are important in my life that have made a difference to my well being that I have been thinking about but haven’t found the time to call or write to.

  17. Chevaughan Depledge-Smith Says:

    I must say i have never heard the song but the words are amazing, it has made me realize that my family and friends are more important than, sitting around trying to put food in the mouths of my family, my family and i went camping out this weekend and it was the most relaxing a rewarding thing watching my beautiful daughter loving the outdoors instead of being stuck at home, just because “mum’s at work”

  18. Mike Stoner Says:

    The words from this song sure makes one think. time is valuable however as they say we all have the same 24hrs. It is what we do in that 24hrs. that sets us apart .Health and family are most important to me . Yes we need the almighty dollar to make things comfortable but it is not the most important .I really am looking forward to the 10 turnaround program.

  19. palen Says:

    I have taken the day off today to go to the movies with my daughter.

  20. Risa Nicholas Says:

    Hmmm….Great song. It reminded me of the song Cats in a Cradle. For those of you haven’t heard that it’s about modeling…the little boy grows up to be just like dad. He’s working so hard and so busy with his commitments that he doesn’t have time for his dad when he’s aged. This weekend we rented a convertible and went driving. We went up to Skyline Drive and Great Falls. It was a perfect weekend. If we could get this concept down regularly on the weekends, it would greatly improve our quality of life and our relationship. I’ll have to think about how to incorporate it into my weekly life. It may be doing some of what we love in evening activities that make the rest of the time seem more doable.

  21. Larry Orchard Says:

    Great thoughts on Life we have had websites in thr past and made a few bucks but more agravation than not. lots of time spent spinning wheels, and lots of hype from GURUS and spent our share on programs. But after beating cancer this year while running a landscaping business at the same time I have a profound change of perception if life and of what is valuable and what is not,

    Money is just a means to and end and yes it is neccessary and important for the culture we live in but more important is what we can impart and pour of ourselves into the lives of family and Gods people that are around us. So its is time to start asking the right questions nd put into practive the right answers .then woksmart and not so hard.

    May God Bless all that give of themselves to bettter others

    Thanks for the insights

  22. Martyne Says:

    Great song! I don’t think life is about ‘’shoulds” it’s mostly about making choices and finding a balance. Without the balance, wether you work too much, play too much, watch your health too much or any thing else (although if you drink too much, you’ll pay for it almost right away, lol) your life is bound to encounter obstacles and life is bound to make you pay for going overbord. Too much will always be too much. If we look at nature, it is easy to discover that balance is important. For exemple, too many wolves means a lot of them go hungry and not enough means a lot of the deers go hungry, The best and most profound lessons I have ever learned in life were found in nature for everyone to see. All you have to do is make the time to look. Nature, untouched, is the best balancing exercise you will ever find. Ain’t life grand!!!

  23. Nicole Says:

    This message is crucial for everyone to get! Let go of the ‘musts’ in your life and start living the life of ‘I choose to…”.

    Yes we all need money to stay where we are and to advance, but we can choose to do it alongside the values that are important to us. Sometimes it’s a matter of integrating the two: Spending a little more time with the kids every day could be as simple as adjusting your schedule to drop them off at school in the morning while on your way to work or all doing house chores together with everyone’s favourite tunes blaring in the background and then having time to spend at the park together later.

    We need to start making life choices (career and otherwise) as time marches forward that are in harmony with our values. If we spend 10 days really focusing on the things that create the true wealth in our lives, it will be much easier for us to make future decisions that are in line with those values.

  24. Connie Etter Says:

    Your whole concept sounds like mine. If you check out my website you’ll see that making money is way down at the bottom of the list. I am all about making changes in our lives that create leisure time. We all need to learn how to have fun again. I have a post on one of my blogs that’s called “Let’s Return to Our Childhood”. Of course we have to have some kind of income to pay the bills but focusing on life changes has to come first. The changes we make in how we create that income will automatically follow. It’s all about prioritizing. We have to learn to enjoy life!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  25. Atman Says:

    Before I got done reading all the replies, I was bawling. My eyes are still blurry as I am typing this.I am 55 years old and I have a six year old son (my only one). My wife and I are seperated.I get to see my son 3 out of four weekends per month. I have been of lower middle class all my life,so you know I work pretty hard for the man.As of late I am trying to make it on the internet, so that I can be free and spend more time with my son. I am trying harder than I have ever tried anything before in my life. It consumes much of my time especially on the weekends.
    When my son says daddy lets play funny fishing, hangining monkeys, or hide and go seek,without hesitatation I say sure lets do it. I immedeatly stop doing what i’m doing and think of that song by Harry Chapin ‘The Cats in the Cradle’ cause he is important to me.
    I will make it my business to hear that song by Toby Keith ‘My List’.

  26. IJohn Bonzo Says:

    I reched my main goal in life many years ago, to have a loving wife and great kids. I keep searching for more money to build more ways to enjoy my family. My health is not real great so money helps correct problems before they get out of hand. If I never earned another cent, I would still consider myself wealthy, but more money just helps me enjoy more fully what Gad has bleesed me with. I will keep striving till I die.

    John Bonzo

  27. June Says:

    I have always enjoyed Toby Keith’s music, probably because of his lyrics that always seem to run true to my own emotions. I agree with Susan that this song would be so much easier to follow for each of us if we were already in Toby’s position of wealth, but then that is also what we are trying to achieve here as well.
    For the past 5 weeks now my husband has been off work with a back problem and although he is starting to get depressed about not bringing in any money, I’ve been telling him not to worry about it so much since it will all work out in the end and right now he has to concentrate on getting better. I do know that we’ve really been enjoying each other’s company in these past 5 weeks and I’ve even been playing hooky from my job once in a while, just to be able to spend more quality time with him. It is a great feeling to be able to share this time with him and I have confidence that the money issues will all work out just fine.

  28. Debbie Says:

    Between this post and “The Dollar” I’m sitting here in tears. I’ve spent so much of my time working trying to make my business a success recently that I’ve been so scarce with family and friends - it’s sad. But the good thing is I’ve found this turn-around. So, I’m sure I can turn this around! Thank you.

  29. Jeffrey Says:

    Along with Debbie I got a little teary eyed but that can happen to someone that grew up Country. I don’t usually say to much (or write) but after catching up for the past couple of hrs. and the comments that I have read this very early morning, well I guess it’s time. I came from a broken home of several times and unfortunetly my Children did too. They were however taken good care of whereas my Mother scratched to keep 4 of us housed and fed.
    Two yrs. ago I gave up most of what I had out west to be with my Father in the east and get to know him in the little time we may have together and see that his last wishes are followed. Both of my Parents are in their 70’s and in poor health. Mom in the west and Dad in the east. My Children are out west and so is the women that couldn’t leave her Children to be out here with me. So I am hoping to get some extra change saved up so that I can be able to at least get together more often with the ones I love to spend my time and money on.
    And it does’nt happen working in the healthcare field. ( I may have just vented an appropriate maner)

  30. mercedes Says:


    I am heading home to St Kitts early in the morning. My brother died in his sleep. He was 40 years old. My mind is going wild with questions and hardly any answers. I am so grateful that I got a chance to read and be a part of you 10 day turn around. Just the preview of the course has made me start looking at myself and my measure of success from a different point of view. I will try and keep up with the course while I am in St Kitts for the 5 days. But I will also let myself grieve and be there for my mum and other siblings.

    God bless

  31. Bob Says:

    I think this is going to be of great value to me and fit in with my scope of things.My time is of more value then money because I know my time is running is short but I will change the world for my family befor long using the internet as a tool.I think to many people forget that the internet is a tool and wrap themselves up in a world that they cannot even see….Bob

  32. Darcy Says:

    I am going to play with my kids first when they get home from school today. I’ll do my work later. They won’t be kids forever, but I’ll always have “work” to do.

    I know that I am very lucky. My family is healthy, we love each other, we have a ton of potential. All that I need is to improve the financial situation a bit and I’ll have it all. Not because of the money, but rather because of what it will allow my family to do.

    Hug someone today and smile. Life is short take pleasure in the little things and help others to do the same.

  33. gerry robertson Says:


  34. Marion Says:

    I am looking forward to the next 10 days, and can’t wait for it to start.

  35. Christina Says:

    I really need the push to get up and go so am waiting and have great expectations for the 10 day turnaround programme.

  36. Veronica Says:

    I had never heard that particular Toby Keith song even though I am a fan of his work. I’m looking forward to the next 10 days because lately, I feel like I’m working hard and not getting enough done. I really would like to make some changes. I think this will be a good time to do it. I’ve been in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 5 years and really miss my family.

    I’m thinking about make a trip to California and Florida to spend some quality time.

    Thanks for the project,

  37. Kristy Says:

    I have heard this song many times and it does make you think. I have been working on enjoying and “just living”. I think we all need to. It is easy to forget when you work for a company that doesn’t value you and no matter how much money you make for the company it is never enough.

  38. Joan Jones Says:

    Wow! Reading this page really brought things home to me. Just this morning I turned down an opportunity to spend a couple days with some special friends because of all the things I just had to get done. After reading the words to that song and the comments I suddenly realized I had passed up an opportunity for time with good friends that I can’t make up. I should mention that I am in my seventies and still trying to improve my bank account when I could have had a beautiful memory instead. It really brought home to me what is important and I don’t want to make that mistake again. After deciding that, I felt like I had just dropped a ton of weight off my shoulders. It really feels good. I’m looking forward to these 10 days.

  39. Ronald Setinsek Says:

    Just sitting on my back porch today and saw a hen turkey and six little chicks and nine feet away wa s a doe whitetail deer with her 3 fawns. Now I am making memories!

  40. Gregg Says:

    I am not a country music fan….but after reading the lyrics I pulled up the song and listened to it. I think I should be a fan….great song. After years of working for someone else and fitting into their expectations, I apparently forgot all about my own. Now I am sitting here trying to figure out how I can make a life for myself and family without being a slave to someone else…and sometimes it seems so easy and at others nearly impossible. I know that I am the biggest stumbling block to my own success, so I am looking forward “allowing” myself to succeed and taking this journey with you as well. Thank you for the direction….and exposing me to this song!

  41. Jeanie Adkins Says:

    Being an at home mom lets me get some needed “to do” time in while the kids are at school. I have found though, no matter what I think I have gotten done while they are gone, I find myself still struggling to get more done after they are home. I will really start to focus on some family time after the homework is done and before I have to make dinner just doing something they want to do. They love to play family games and sometimes I have to say no because I think I have something more important to do. Well I have made up my mind that they are the more important thing to do and will put something else off to do something with them.

  42. Margit Says:

    Hi! I’ve just joined the programme tonight, Thursday/Friday 00.15 am, 25/26th Sept. ‘08. Love the words of the song ‘My List’, although haven’t heard of Toby Keith. Will get the CD! I’m looking forward to the 10 Day Turnaround programme. Thanks ‘Guys’!

  43. Wayne Says:

    Hi all I’ ve just joined the program and the song reminds me of the music my wife and I are dancing to 2 nights a week and our latin teacher say’s to dance with our hearts anf let the music keep us in the moment. This is great to experience with the ones you love.

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