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“The Dollar”

One of my favorite things to share is songs that have lyrics that really tie in with the 10-Day Turnaround concepts. Here’s one of my favorites. For those of you with kids, this really sums up what it’s all about.

THE DOLLAR by JAMEY JOHNSON from the album THE DOLLAR (2005)

Daddy hugs his little man
says son I’ve got to go
and he pulls out of the drive and disappears .
As they walk back in the house
the young boy asks his mama
where does daddy go when he leaves here

Mama tells her little man
your daddy’s got a job
and when he goes to work they pay him for his time
Well the young boy gets to thinking
and he heads up to his bedroom
and comes running back with a quarter and four dimes

And says mama how much time will this buy me
is it enough to take me fishing or throw a football in the street
If I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need
to spend some time with me

the young boy tells his mama
now I know daddy’s busy
cause most times when he gets home it’s dark outside
but tell him I’ve got me some pennies
saved up from the tooth fairy
and I keep them in my piggy bank and I believe there’s thirty-five

and mama how much time will that buy me
is it enough to take me camping in a tent down by the creek
if I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need
to spend some time with me

mama how much time will this buy me
is it enough for just an afternoon a day or a whole week
if I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need
to spend some time with me

mama takes her little man
sets him on her lap
and starts dialing up some numbers on the phone
she says daddy come home early
you don’t have to chase that dollar
cause your little man has got one here at home

I hope your own “little man” (or “little lady”) doesn’t have to save their pennies just to buy a little time with you. If you have little ones at home, keep this song in mind next time you are deciding whether to chase the ever elusive dollar by working longer hours… or to enjoy REALLY living, spending time with those you love.

The decision is pretty simple when you look at it that way, ya know?

What thoughts and insights are going through your head as you think about the message of this song? Share them below… and be sure to give yourself permission during our 10-Day Turnaround to not “chase that dollar” and instead spend time with your loved ones, the true wealth in your life.


39 Responses to ““The Dollar””

  1. Jose Damaso Says:

    The elusive dollar quest is what keeps us away from what we really want and deserve:Financial FREEDOM.
    When we follow the JOB way we are trying to keep up with our every day needs and it is very difficult to achieve our dreams.
    We are here to find a way to take us to Financial FREEDOM which gives us the time and money to enjoy what we love and share it with those we care for.
    Jose Damaso Ramon

  2. David Says:

    Reminds me of something I recently read - At the end of their lives you never hear someone say “I wish I would have spent more time at the office”.

  3. ken addington Says:

    Don’t chase your dreams. What we need sometimes is just to let things be as they are. Let life come to you instead of chasing after it. Flow with the river not against it. Enjoy your loved ones now because time goes by so quickly.


  4. Glen Says:

    At 75 I have been through all this. Not necessarly chasing the dollar just putting food on the table for 7 people, 5 girls and two adults. I would have liked to have been able to change things to spend more time with my girls. But there was no other way at that time that I knew of. to make that change. With just a High School edu. there was lack of knowledge. Now all of my children are grown and have children and are scatterd all over the USA. So now it is my turn to do for my self and learn as much as possible and leave something for my kids and grand children as well as great grand children.
    I hope have a great life in retirement, with a plus for them as at such time when my time on this o’erath is over.

  5. Ayn Elise Says:

    That the lyrics of the song still apply to anyone who is missing out on having fun and being part of life during our time here. I had my head down to the grindstone so far, that I didn’t even know that one of my favorite elderly neighbors passed TWO weeks ago.
    Chasing enough dollars to have more never ends….
    there is always something more we have to pay for, especially if you want to up your style of living….Trading time for dollars is that same never ending, and losing battle, as the employee….we work: owners, when they come to the position of steering the growth and direction of the business, while other’s are doing the field work, are the one’s who have more time to spend as they wish. I don’t envision that they are totally carefree.
    But wealth is not in really in the money and riches are in many of life’s other treasures.

  6. Bill Says:

    There are many things I’d like to do to help my family’s future. I want to leave my children a legacy of success. To this point I think I’ve been able to provide spiritual success (they all have a good relationship with Christ). Financially, however, I’ve not been disciplined. How can I teach them something I don’t posses? I’d like to learn this lesson and have the time to teach them as well.

  7. Rose Says:

    I have heard this song many times and it always hits home. I spent as much time with my daughter as possible with the job I had and the hours I worked. I did have vacation time when we usually went some where and some of my best memories are of those trips.

    Much of the time I worked anywhere from 8 hours to 12 or 16 hours a day. while she was growing up but the people I worked for and with gave me enough freedom to be able to be her Brownie leader, Treasurer of the Band boosters which included going to all the games and running the concession stand at the home games one year.

    I did manage to stay in her life as much as I could. Now, I watch her with her 2 children. They are growing up fast and she isworking all the time, it seems. I know how it hurts when she has to miss something in their lives. Her boss isn’t near as understanding as mine were. She doesn’t make enough for it to be worth missing out on their lives. She is trying to be there as much as she can. She has begun working some “at home” jobs but those are so hard to find that are legitimate. She has a couple going right now and is waiting for training with the 3rd. She is making a little along.

    This is one of the main reasons I would like to get a good buisness going and turn it over to her.. I am retired and can’t make too much but she and her daughter are both active online and could take over any time. All I have to do is set up the sites and get them paying, then, I won’t have to think of that song. Her son is still young enough to need his parents to do things with and for him. They are divorced and he doesn’t see as much of his dad as he should and when he does, he has to share with his new family.

  8. Jason Says:

    WelI, I can only imagine what it would be like to hear that from my child, and I hope if I ever become a father. I hope my child never thinks he has to pay me for my time, and I always give my family the time they need. And that I always put time for my family before my business or my friends.

    As a child my father and mother we divorced so I can relate to this song more as a child than a parent. I might even understand more because I have been in the same situation.

    I thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

  9. Catherine Says:

    I am blessed to spent quality time with my husband since we are retired and I write at home.

  10. palen Says:

    That bought tears to my eyes. It was a little too close to home. When my daughter was in kindergarten she started creating an imaginary family because I was traveling about a week every month as a management consultant (I am a single parent). She actually told me she needed me home more often so I made a deal with her that I would let that business go within 6 months- which I did. But after that (and with the exception of the period where I worked for a consulting firm rather than myself) I never felt like I was able to get as much work as I needed and I didn’t understand why. I guess I just shoved the belief into my subconscious that traveling was necessary in my business and therefore I was less able to earn. I never saw that before. That was the beginning of the what am I doing wrong phase that I am still in. Now that belief has bled into every area of my life.

  11. Teresa Says:

    Another GREAT song is “Cat’s in the Craddle” by Harry Chapin in 1974 - so as the years have progressed the underlying theme remains the same….kids don’t want “things” or “stuff” they want our time and love. Ah…so simple…yet so complex.

    Financial FREEDOM….I’ve always had a problem with those two words put together. Here’s what I mean…why would you want to be free from finances??? If you want to have finances you have to manage them, create them, and grow them. That isn’t being free from finances at all - you definitely want to be involved in that. How about Financial Enhancement? The same as with relationship enhancement. Doing things in our life that enhance our relationships….whether that be of a financial nature, husband, children, parents, etc. So for me, Financial Enhancement sits very well with my way of thinking…;-).

    Hugs to the World!

  12. Ken Eschman Says:

    I believe that in our hearts we a yearn to spend our time with the ones we love. Our Jobs keep us away from them. I have learned that we should work a Job just long enough to earn the quanity of money it takes for the money to work instead of us.
    It is indeed a shame that the way things are going that the majority of couples both have to work to survive. We who are successful in leaving our Jobs into freedom should find a responsibilty to help others do the same and not rely on the Government “bailout”.
    We can do more than get all teary eyed every time we read something like this. Let us make
    it happen for all!

  13. Susan Says:

    You never realize how much time you have or haven’t spent with the ones you love until you lose them. I lost my father when he was 64 and my sister-in-law when she was just 51. My daughter is now a junior in college and my son is a senior in high school and I wonder where the time went. I spent most of their growing years in jobs working my fingers to the bone to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, while their father even worked a second and sometimes a third job.
    We have nothing to show for all those years we worked so hard, except that hopefully our kids have turned out well, but what did they learn from us. To work hard for someone else.

    Not a very good lesson, I am afraid.

  14. Jim Kyser Says:

    It’s 1983 I am at work and my wife is having our baby,
    It’s 2008 I am at work, my wife still hangs in there with me, our daughter is 25 !
    Looking for a easier ( better way) so I can come home from work !
    Love my Daughter and she loves me but sadly I’ve missed it all while at work.

  15. Diane Says:

    right now i do not have a choice. i divorced a man who made a lot of money who wants to keep it all, including the kids. he was home about 3 days a month. needless to say i was the one who was there for the kids. with control of our assets, and also being an attorney himself and being very angry that i divorced him, he is determined to destroy me and take everything. we have been tied up in court for years. i owe a lot having lived on my credit cards hoping for a fair trial. he has control of a lot. so, i find myself in the position of realizing i will be the one walking out the door with what skills to care for those 4 beautiful kids i love so very much and asking for nothing from him as it just takes way too much of my time and energy to fight him. what will i be able to provide? will i be able to give them what they want and need? will the courts think so? I wanted to raise them and not a nanny and that is what i railed against in his place. it more than tugs at me. so, financial freedom, what does it really mean? one needs to pay the price at some time sadly, all too often it is the kids who pay.

  16. Dale Lovett Says:

    When my 4 Lovely Ladies were growing up without their dad, (he found out he didn’t like family life) I had to re-enter the work force. I chose not to until all of them were in school. Though it was very hard financially, My priority was to be their Mom first! They all ready lost a father and I DID NOT want them to become motherless as well.

    When they were all in school, I took a job where they could be bussed to where I worked which happened to be a YMCA. When I got another job, I worked at their school so I could be available to them at ALL times. Sometimes, I worked 2 jobs but always I was either home with them or they could come to where I was. We were poor when it came to finances as compared to my kids friends and families but we were so rich in our relationships with each other. They are grown up now, some with families of their own but still remain “best friends”. I don’t regret my decision at all even though my kids didn’t have all the things their peers had. That was hard on them then but now that they are all adults, they know that True riches are relational.

    Now that they’re out of the nest, I want to work hard to leave them and my grandchildren a legacy as well as live the life I had always wanted. I now want my cake and eat it too by creating wealth as well as have the time and energy to enjoy it. This is my next goal. Now I must make plans to work from home as I have left my house in the Northeast (vacant and not yet sold) to care for my elderly father in his home. By starting my own business at home I hope to accomplish this goal. I have my mission statement and my vision is in place. All I have to do is complete formulating my business plan and implement it. Sounds so simple but the implementation I’m sure will prove to be a challenge. I love a good challenge, don’t you? That’s what causes us to grow!

  17. Tim Millar Says:

    Jeff, that post right there has me crying like a baby and I cant stop. You see, I have been chasing that damn dollar for a long time and now my kids are almost all grown, My youngest is 14, I am currently chasing again, because of the economy my business as a carpenter
    has completely disappeared and I am about to lose my home. I have no choice but to chase!
    With your help and guidance I will catch that damn dollar and never let go ! Thanks Jeff,
    for putting it all into perspective.

  18. Pinky Says:

    I have GOT TO MAKE IT SOMEHOW!! Not just for myself. To pay all the meaningless debts I have incurred trying to do something I have not thought through.

    But, I so much want to get into this WAH business to the extent that I can then teach it to some of my grandchildren who are struggling and need the help to get a way of earning an income that will make it possible for THEM to avoid the life that the DOLLAR song sings of.

  19. Maria Angelica Muñoz Says:

    The lyrics is very sad but is the reality for many people in my country, specially moms.
    In my case, I have two little children and my great motivation for to begin a business ,are they.For them ,I will try to do this task .
    But I am very new in this area

  20. Ann-Marie Granger Says:

    After reading the start (including the songs) of the 10 Day Turnaround, this week I will take time out to spend a day with my elderly parents who are just about to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.
    Thank you for the ‘ nudge’, sometimes I can be too focused, at the expense of all else.


  21. Crystal Says:

    What about the other side of the story, Jeff? Sure, kids want time and love, but I still have strong memories of growing up learning not to bother asking for pocket money, pretending I wasn’t hungry at lunch, not giving my parents excursion notes because they wouldn’t be able to afford it, and having to listen in silence and go home to cry alone when the other kids talked about where they were going for their holidays, or what they got for christmas and their birthdays.

    Sure, I agree there’s truth in the lesson that too many people live for tomorrow at the expense of today, but there’s a point you have to be before you can choose to drop out of the dollar chase. If you’re worried that, like a lot of people today, you might not be able to keep your home, or to a lesser extent, if you’re so tightly stretched that there isn’t enough for the petrol to go meet family or friends, then surely it’s not right to make someone in that situation feel even more guilty that they can’t choose family over income. Yet.

  22. Paul B. Says:

    What a great set of lyrics! As with everyone else who has replied, this perfectly sums up why I am pursuing my work from home business in parallel with my current day job. I spent about two months fairly isolated from my family before I realized I still needed to balance the truly important things in life with my business endeavors.

    Since that time I have developed a renewed focus on my two daughters (3 year old and 15 months old), my spirituality, my lovely wife and life in general. Although I have taken on some credit card debt to kick off my endeavors I feel more alive than ever because I am starting to understand what it means to LIVE!!!

    I am ready to put the 10 day turnaround into full motion!

  23. Debra Says:

    I grew up very poor. I thought we were kind of happy. That was because I did not get to see the rest of the world except for school. I am number 9 of 14 children. No, my mom did not love children nor were we catholic. I get asked that question a lot. I jokingly say that my mom did not hear well. What does that have to do with having 14 children? When they went to bed at night my dad would ask “Do you want to go to sleep or what?” My mom would say
    “what?’ That always gets a laugh. Needless to say there was never any quality time with any of us. I learned to be self sufficient. I took care of my own needs but I didn’t learn how to take care of the needs of others. I thought I knew how. It was when my own 2 children were already grown that I realized I had never learned how to love and show love to those I needed most. I took care of “things”, I didn’t know that I was supposed to teach my children how to love and trust. I stayed busy with things.
    When my husband kicked me out of my home without my children 14 years ago, I had to find something to do to make money. I was used to having money but I had no education. I started my own business cleaning houses. That did become successful, but with no training in business the only thing I could do was work harder not smarter. I didn’t know the best way to handle employees. I will not get into all of that except to say, I spent too much time working and not enough time with my children. Quality time was not even a term that I had ever heard before. I spend a lot of time now regretting not asking the right questions and learning from people who knew the answers. I think often about my children and how I wish they were still small and I could start over.
    I am in much need of quality time now and when I have grandchildren I want to be the best one ever! That is what I hope to have with this online business. Financial freedom, not owing any one on this earth. Show me the way.
    After fourteen years in the cleaning business I have found myself back at the beginning. I have no employees and I am working alone. This is because I did not have knowledge and I thought hard work paid off.

  24. Donald Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    First off I love that song, Country music has a way of hitting home, and make people realize what is important in life. I used to struggle with that growing up, being adopted and feeling like I was in the wrong family because the parents that CHOSE me didn’t care about material things and I thought I had to have those things to “Keep up with the Jones’ kids”. It took a long time to realize the wonderful life I had been given, by the grace of GOD, and the Loving family I was chosen into that put up with my anger issues. I realized that the woman that allowed me to be born also gave me a chance at living a good life. When I used to ask “why?” I now say “Thanks!”. I could have not even been given this chance at life if that woman had choosen an alternative route. Thank GOD she decided what she did!! Now that I am 36 almost 37, I am not going to say my struggles with things aren’t over. They are just placed into other avenues. I am still just as hard headed as I was groiong up and I still refuse to quit until I get what I want. Spoiled? yes in the past, now I am determined. For example, I awoke this morning on the couch from a very vivid dream of which I don’t usually have dreams I can remember. In this dream I went to scan my lottery ticket and the machine paused. Nothing on the LED screen but the cashier was reading her screen. I am guessing that the winning amount was enough so the machine wasn’t able to pay out and that I waould have to travel to get my winnings. In this dream I didn’t win the jackpot. Actually my dream didn’t specify how much but it was enough to quit my job and begin working form home full time. I even saw my home office and imagined a second computer moniter to sync with and have one on each side of my wall length desk. I then called my brother(still dreaming) and told him he would only have to make one more delivery of office furniture and that I would be the customer and I was on my way to pick it out. Then he would deliver it and we could hang out a week or two. But my point is, in this dream, I saw the flashes of lifestyle I am trying to create. I had the time and freedom to do the things I want. I feel that dreams are a glimpse into the future and hope that when that day arrives(I play the lottery but I am not relying on it) I say to myself “why does this feel familiar?” Deja-vu from a dream.
    I also know in dreams symbolism plays a big part and I feel that the lottery win is, in reality, my home business becoming successful. With that amount of time and freedom I would be able to help people in ways I haven’t even thought of yet. I hope I have more detailed visions of the future in dreams so that reality can begin to change the ideas into tangibles.

  25. Marsha Says:

    It’s not just family we don’t find time to enjoy — I have old friends that I’ve lost touch with, simply too busy or tired to make arrangments to meet. My children are grown, and though we are close, it’s time to find old friends and make new friends.

  26. James Says:

    I want to spend more time with my family but I can’t afford to do anything, unless I work all the time to save up enough money to go places and participate in activities.

    How do you get ahead if you don’t work all the time? How do we have our money work for us, like we work for the government?

    I know without a doubt that the more money you have, the more time you have. All I know to do is work all I can, until I figure out how to make money work for me, while increasing my income.

  27. helen Says:

    Just recently I’ve decided to spend time in the “Now”, without multi-tasking - such as not taking anything to read with me while I sit and watch my child’s soccer game. I always thought that a teenager is more concerned with friends and the game and only depends on parents to be the chauffer until feedback today indicated that I was being observed by my child as much as I was watching the progress of the game. I was glad that my attention was properly focused. I was actually relaxing without thinking about all the other things I should or could be doing.

  28. Onai Says:

    There is nothing so good to have enough time to do whatever you want and alocate time freely. we spent most of lives racing against time looking for financial freedom, but at the end its all frustrations.

  29. Barbara Says:

    Hi to all my fellow “10 Day Turnaround” new friends.
    I’m almost 70 and regret wasting time in life but we don’t get a second turn around. I figure that I had better make the most of the time left because this will give me and my loved ones a second Chance. I’m sure that the lessons we will learn will enable us to have a better understanding of how to work smarter not harder.
    We worked too hard when my kids were growing up but we still had fun.
    They still talk about the time they wanted to go camping and we didn’t have the wherewithall for a tent so we dragged the dining talble to the bottom of the yard threw a sheet over it to for a makeshift tent . Pretended the bushes were a forest., brewed billy tea, made a fire and cooked in a camp oven. and faught off “Wild Animals” for a couple of days.
    The neighbours were convinced I had gone mad but we didn’t care.

    I also woke them at 1 am for a surprise “Unbirthday Party” and we had a picnic surrounded by sparklers on the front lawn. We made so much niose the neighbours came to investigate, hauled their own kids out of bed and joined in.

    You don’t need money to be rich and joyful in your relationships.
    However I would like to be able to start a business that will allow freedom from money worries that my grown children caan benefit from, to allow them the luxery of time with their families.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  30. Stephen Says:

    I am a proud father of three girls.

    For myself, the thoughts that are implied by these lyrics are week, although touching. If one wants to spend time with their family, then all that has to be done is to create an enviroment which yields to time. The question that has to be asked is, “Do I truly desire time with my children?” The answer to this question will direct you to create the proper enviroment for you to follow. Emplement these thoughts into your daily life and the results will enable your desire. This reigns true with all of your tasks.

    To each a fulfilled life!

  31. Martyne Says:

    I had the luxury to stay home full time for 10 years because I was married to someone who made good money. When the 3rd of my kinds started shcool, I went into a brick and mortar business for myself. Because I have always known that life is about balance (Thank goodness for my grandmother) I made it a point, even if I had to work 60 to 72 hour weeks, to be home for dinner. Even growing a business and spending a LOT of time at the office and with clients, I would sit at the kitchen table every day at 5:30 pm and return to the office around 8:00 pm, after baths and homework. My kids thought I was weird at the time but my now 20 year old daughter (she was 10 when I started the business) thanks me every day because she says : ”I was lucky anough to have a weird but balanced mother so I had the stuff AND the attention”. No matter what the situation, you can never loose if you find the balance your life needs. If you can’t see how, try changing your perspective.

  32. Nicole Says:

    I realize that I am completely accountable for my life as it is. If I want true wealth with my family it is up to me to create that reality. Every day I make choices now that take me forward both financially and in true wealth but not always at the speed I would like. Perhaps your course will get me asking the right questions to achieving the balance we all need in achieving true wealth as well as financial greatness!

  33. Renee Alexopoulos Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, I have not heard this song. This song informs me that I have thought properly since very young. I always knew there was much more to life than school, work, retire. That is the short story. I would also like to second what Jose Damaso Ramon wrote as it is said well.

  34. Jane Says:

    I married believing living with my mother in law would allow us more time, and create a deeper quality of life for all three of us, but instead she has expensive demands and neither of us has time for our relationship anymore. It seems like her presence has raised our expectations without actually making our quality of life more pleasurable. I have held on to beliefs which are not and have not been fulfilled in this relationship. I am worried that as a woman, going it alone at 60 will be harder than if I had done it earlier when I had more energy. But my body and my mind seem to be begging for something which has more friends and more conversations and less TV and less pandering or waiting for someone to die!! Waiting for permission from those living in the past is not going to happen.

    I feel I’ve gotten a crystal chandelier but the diamonds’ shadows on the wall are colored red from the lost blood of our relationship. I expect this 10 day challenge will upset a lot of my habitual ways and relationships. During this global scale financial crisis, I wonder where the point of luck from my personal potential is waiting? How do I find the $1 million question?How will I persuade people with wealth to collect unique designs?How do I retrain my inner vocabulary? I seem too tired to stick to my plans due to this long term waiting. I look forward to further steps.

  35. Lorraine Says:

    I think that the lyrics are saying is that we must not get so wrapped up in the “things” part that we lose sight of what is important, It should be God first, family second and then everything else after that. When we lose focus and start to put other things above those, such as work, friends, etc. we struggle. We all need finances to keep going but sitting in an office eight hours a day is what I have been doing and I feel robbed of the time I have lost in doing things that are important to me, and yet one has so little time for them. As we have started the 10 day turnaround let it be a fresh start for many of us and let it be the start to get us where we want to be, and we will then have that extra time to do those things which we are missing out on, and also touch some other lives out there in someway, which we have not done because we have “just been too busy” or do not have the finances to do so.

  36. Jeanie Adkins Says:

    Success…Being RICH has more than one meaning as does success. Right now my family is living pay check to pay check just like so many people are today. We don’t have a lot, we own our lower middle class house, huge credit card debt, have two autos, 2 kids, a dog and some hermit crabs. The kids have more than I did when I was growing up. And alway want more. I don’t think they are ever happy until they get the next great new gadget, game or whatever is out there at the moment.

    Sometimes my kids ask me if we are rich. I tell them yes we are much richer than so many people, but we are not wealthy. Success has more than one meaning as well. It depends on the eye of the beholder. To me, I feel like success is when you put your head on your pillow each night and can say I made a positive difference in someone’s life today, then I was a success that day. Yes I would like not to have the huge debt we have and am struggling on finding ways to get out of it even as I type this response. I hope I will learn the trade I am attempting to pursue to accomplish that. Then I would be a financial success.

    I really do love the quotes I have read today. Because it puts things into perspective. You can be filthy rich but be miserable. You can be dirt poor but be extremely happy. How you live your life with what ever means are available to you and you do it in a possitive and constructive way is my idea of success.

    I am looking forward to learning as much as I can to help me make this new business I have started get off the ground. I do need some direction in where to go next. I am struggling as to figure out what step to take next. There are so many options! I have so many emails I dont know which one to do next.

  37. Christy Says:

    I am fortunate enough to have been able to stay home with my children as they are growing up. I have the flexibility to manage their hockey teams, participate in extra-curricular activities with them, and generally spend all of my time and focus on them. It always seems, though, that there are never enough hours in a day to “get things done”, as time flies so fast while my kids have grown up. I love the Dollar song. It really hits home. Wow–one day into the 10-day turnaround, and it’s more like a life turn-around.

  38. Bruce Says:

    Well, just for grins, had 6 children. Had a ball with them. Let’s see, I helped build the special floor for gymnastics, coached baseball and softball, helped with soccer and football, started a hockey league, helped with little theater. Had the kids in everything we could find. Also home schooled the whole crew. Was on TV a couple of times for that, home school I mean.
    Ah, don’t forget boy scouts and 4H and ballet and figure skating……well, I watched and paid for those although I did help with Boy Scouts.
    And know what? Wish I’d have spent even more time with them
    But we are having a ball with the grandchildren now. Just bought the 4 year old some golf clubs. She showed some interest……:-)
    No, I don’t have a ton of money, just the kids were the most important thing in the world to us. We always figured out a way.

  39. Laura Says:

    This is a good reminder for me that when I allow myself to get consumed at work and spend too much time there, I am not the only one who suffers. I’ve got a family waiting for me when I get home and they deserve to have more quality time with me than I make for them. And it benefits me as well. I am happy when I am with my family instead of at work.

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